Jim Hamilton

Jim Hamilton’s Pictures

Alex Jess kindly introduced me to Jim Hamilton in the middle of October 2007 and within a week I realised I was dealing with a very knowledgeable man, who had a story to tell and pictures to back it.
Jim was a bit wary at first and rightly so, as he had lent many pictures out and never got them back but I assured the wee fellow that his pictures would never leave his site, and armed with laptop and scanner I arrived at The Toll House which is sometimes known as the Auld Mill Cottage.

The house was built in 1694 and was originally the Toll House, used to collect money for the use of the roads so that improvements could be made and provide profits for the companies building the new roads.
In 1735 the Old Mill was built and the house became associated over the years with the Mill.  Jim’s family, the Robertsons first moved in during the 1800’s and the house has remained in the family ever since.

Jim’s knowledge of the Old Mill is immense and he also provided much needed knowledge of the buildings immediately around the area. I find it sad to learn that Jim’s family offered the Old Mill to the National Trust among others but could find no takers and the council took the decision to demolish it, despite it being in excellent condition.

I cannot thank Jim and his wife Linda enough for their hospitality and there was a mention of more gems to come.