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Welcome Back

Welcome back to the New Cumnock Now And Then website. Sorry it has taken so long to get the site up and running again but there have been some difficulties in changing from one format to another.

Also, as I write this, the website is not complete and requires several of the sections to be re-constructed.  I apologise for this, as some shortcuts have been taken so that the site is once again up and running.   

In the process, some material has been misplaced and many photographs and captions scrambled.  It has taken time to put these items back together and there may be errors in a few photos and captions.  I will be very grateful if visitors to the site who spot these errors can let me know.  Accuracy is important for present and future visitors to the site.

My aim is to preserve and expand the rich resource of photos, stories and poems about New  Cumnock.   I would like to thank the many individuals who have contributed personal items which make up the New Cumnock website and benefit everyone associated with the village past and present.  

If you have photos, stories, poems or information that would interest people in New Cumnock please do get in touch.

I hope you enjoy the Web Site. Please come back soon.

Please check ‘What’s New’ for all recently added updates.

The Site Manager

February 2013

email address:   manager@newcumnock.net


In response to the individuals who have said they would like to donate to the website, I have now installed the PayPal button below.  Hopefully, this will add to the continuity of the website for the future.